About Us

Unifor Local 2-S

Unifor Local 2-S is a labour union that represents the workers at SaskTel in locations in north central Saskatchewan.

As a charter member of Unifor, Local 2-S is part of Canada's largest private sector union, with more than 310,000 members across the country, working in every major sector of the Canadian economy.


- SaskCouncil - which includes Local 1-S which represent other SaskTel workers in the province; forms a single bargaining unit which negotiates the collective agreement with the employer

- Area Council - Unifor Locals in Saskatchewan

- Prairie Regional Council - Unifor Locals in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

- Telecommunications Industry Council - Unifor Locals across the country that represents workers in the telecommunications industry.

Local History

Unifor August 2013 - present

CEP(Communications Energy & Paperworkers) 1998 - 2013

CEW (Communications & Electrical Workers of Canada)

CWC (Communication Workers of Canada)

CIO-CCL (Communications Workers of America))

United Telephone Workers of Canada

How Does It Work?

Ten monthly meetings are held at the Local office the first Tuesday of the month. Meetings are not generally held during the months of July and August and there is one meeting held in North Battleford (usually April) and one in Prince Albert (usually October).

The meetings are chaired by the president of the local with reports being given by various committees as well as the treasurer. Discussions and decisions are made during the meeting regarding attendance to conferences, training sessions and charitable donations.

Advantages of Unionization

Having a collective agreement with your employer means your rights as an employee, working conditions and compensation are spelled out clearly and are enforceable.

The benefits that we take for granted today are as a result of the union negotiating with the company. Benefits such as wages, sick days, health benefits, earned days off, fairness in job appointments, vacation and pensions are all a result of the Union negotiations. Continued negotiations are required with every Collective Agreement renewal to maintain and improve those standards.

Unions work politically for the passage and implementation of laws, standards, and regulations designed to improve working conditions and worker health. Issues such as maternity leave, paternity leave, equal pay provisions and length of year vacations have been influences by union lobbying.

A union in the workplace provides a voice for employees. It is an organization that empowers people by bringing people with common goals together. When people work together they are more powerful than as one.