BSCP (Account Rep, Sales Associate, Business Rep) – AR – Karen Sokoloski, SA – Shauna Pollock, SR – Billie-Jo McCabe

Bylaw Committee (2 Executive, 2 Rank and File Members) – Cecily Howe, Tammy Hinds, Danielle Anderson, Suzie McIntosh

Call Center Joint Committee – (FT Support (Task Only), FT Sales, FT Scheduling and PT Collections Position) – FT Support (Task Only) – Tracy Seidel, FT Scheduling – Jackie Faul, FT Sales – Brittany Niechziol, PT Collections – Nicole Hilderbrand

CSC Joint Committee (1FT & 1PT) – FT – Phillip Warwick, PT – Chris Schrader

CSCP (Small Business, Stores and Sales)Small Business – Donna Olenchuk, Stores – A.J. Hrapchak, Sales – Brittany Niechziol

DIP Joint Committee – President Local 2-S – Mike Pilipow

Election Committee – Danielle Anderson and Meghan Klatt

Equity Committee Tracy Seidel

Health Plan Committee – Shelley Boutin-Gervais

Joint Store Committee (1 FT & 1 PT)FT – Vacant PT – Carli Robertson

Member Mobilization Committee (MMC) (4 positions)Elections February 7, 2023

OH&S Policy Joint Committee – Suzie McIntosh

OH&S Workplace Committees - See complete list here

Outside Craft Joint Committee (1FT & 1PT) – FT – Scott Cubbon PT - Jeremy Walker

President’s Contract Committee (2 Executive, 1 Rank and File Member) – Cecily Howe, Don King, Suzie McIntosh

Social Committee – Tracy Seidel

STEPP Coordinator – Suzie McIntosh

Trustee Committee – Meaghan Klatt (3yr Term 2024-2026) Danielle Anderson (2yr Term 2024-2025), Suzie McIntosh (1yr term 2024)

Woman's Advocate - Cecily Howe

Woman’s Committee – Chair - Brittany Burkart, Members - Danielle Anderson, Shelley Boutin-Gervais, Jody Chomitzky, Shaylyn Cowper, Brenda Edel, Angie Fredericks, Tammy Hinds, Jaclyn Hodgson, Cecily Howe, Sharon King, Meaghan Klatt, Carli Robertson,Tracy Seidel

Young Worker’s CommitteeVacant

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